Janneniska tailors their personnel lifting service to meet Destia’s needs

The partnership between Janneniska and Destia began when Destia's Energy network unit had the need to rent high-quality truck-mounted aerial platforms. To properly maintain and service high-altitude equipment you have to have functional and reliable tools.

The largest expense is often due to aerial platform breakdowns.

The rental of aerial platforms was relevant in the projects of the energy network unit and joint scopings of viable solutions together with Destia Procurement were had. The largest expense in Destia’s operations stems from equipment breaking, or if the equipment isn’t at the right location at the right time. Janneniska’s promise, and keeping it, was the key factor for the people at Destia. During calculations and planning, Destia soon arrived at the conclusion that the ideal rental contract period for the aerial platforms would be 3-5 years. Destia and Janneniska began negotiations, where the feeling of beneficial partnership only got stronger.

The right aerial platforms tailored for the customer

Destia rented five truck-mounted aerial platforms from Janneniska for five years. Destia had very specific needs and requirements for the units. The people at Destia carefully reflected what kind of equipment was needed. For Destia, Janneniska produced truck-mounted aerial platforms for streetlight maintenance projects, which in practice meant that existing Janneniska units had a platform height of 12,8 meters, when Destia’s requirement was 15,8 meters. Janneniska didn’t initially have this equipment, but suitable units were tailored for Destia’s operations.

Small details were also taken into account

Janneniska also accounted for the small details, which led to the rental units being noticeably faster than the older units. The work became more efficient, and Destia was able to complete work three times faster than earlier. The operations were much faster, but also safer. At Janneniska, the people could rest assured that the units are properly maintained and serviced, and the operating itself was handled correctly after the instruction sessions.

Destia also discussed with other companies, but it became apparent very soon that Janneniska was the best partner for Destia and its needs, as Janneniska is reliable and always easy to reach. The service produced by Janneniska made Destia’s operations smoother, and the operators who were used to old habits wondered why the change hadn’t been done earlier.