We grow together

At Janneniska we’re passionate doers, a bunch of agile-minded people ready to support one another. By working together we’re able to achieve our high-set goals.

We are Janneniska

Janneniska has enabled high-altitude working since 1996. We offer the Nordics’ leading personnel lifting services, enabling safe, easy and cost efficient lifting. Our unique service concept ensures that you get the right aerial platform for any project, big or small.

We’re guided by a simple idea: taking care of the job and the person doing it. For us, safe lifting of people is unconditional. That’s why we’re in constant development and use state-of-the-art aerial platforms.

Our customers can always count on us providing personal guiding. We are here for the individual.

Our vision

We’re the uncompromising vanguard of the personnel lifting industry, known in the Nordics for our unique and committed service standards. We are creating the foundation of a healthy and safe future.

Our mission

We take care – of the job and the person doing it.

Our values

Our values define who we are and how we operate.

Us together

Not me, but we. This is the core of the Janneniska attitude. We like to think that we’re all on the same level. Team spirit is the laughter around the coffee table, and is seen as the smiles on our faces when we get excited together. We are a community, and that is how we succeed.


Kind of good is not enough. At Janneniska trustworthiness means unconditional care, safety and openness. We bear the responsibility of our customer’s success, our common wellbeing, as well as the safeguarding of the resources of the environment. The continuous education of our know-how helps us maintain the best quality in our offering.

For people

We exist for the individual. Honest and genuine respect for people is the foundation of everything we do. In addition to personal interaction we strive to offer exceptional customer experiences. We are creating an environment where anyone can succeed as their own individual self.

The story of Janneniska – Onwards and upwards together

Janneniska’s story is all about commitment, entrepreneurship and looking after each other. It’s a story of growth, which envelops everyone connected to Janneniska. We’re bound together by a never-surrender attitude and the urge to develop while supporting each other.

It all began with two skateboards, a lifting yard and a sauna

Second cousins Janne Niska and Joni Alasaari met for the first time as ten-year-olds, when their mothers arranged a dinner party for the two families. Joni was riding his skateboard in the driveway when an unfamiliar car pulled up. Janne climbed out of the car. In his hands, Janne had his own skateboard. That was the spark: an instant connection was formed between the boys.

Janne came from a family of entrepreneurs. His father, Pekka Niska, owned the aerial platform rental company Pekkaniska, and it was on that company’s yard that the boys would wander together, admiring the huge machines. Business and aerial platforms started to develop into the boys’ common language. As fifteen-year-olds the duo decided that one day, they’d establish a joint company. Their vision was clear at an early stage: they wanted to bring a new service culture to Finland, one where the customer is always number one. They focused on a whole new level of service, one that at the time was nearly limited to the U.S.

The plans for the company were fine tuned in the most finnish place imaginable – the sauna. While sitting in the sauna, the temperature could slowly rise and the ideas would fly. The lifting industry was a natural choice, thanks to Janne’s background. The duo decided to focus on truck-mounted aerial platforms, in order not to compete with Pekkaniska, but rather complete each other’s offerings.

Growth leaps

In 1996, after the boys’ military service the time was right. Janne and Joni founded the company Janneniska Oy, bearing the name of the majority owner Janne. The division of work came naturally, as Janne had gotten extensive guidance in business and the industry from his father, he set out to lead the company. The first year, the company bought a 40-meter truck-mounted aerial platform from Germany, which was immediately sent to work to the dockyard in Mäntyluoto, Pori. The first year was spent working with this machine, while constantly learning about it and the industry.

In the spring of 1999 something big happened. Postipankki granted a 5 million FIM loan to Janneniska. That was a huge sum. The feeling was exceptional, as this enabled a new kind of leap forward. The company suddenly grew to be the owner of 5 aerial platforms, and was able to hire employees. For their first project, the new machines took part of the terminal construction at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Growth accelerated additional growth, and after a couple of years Janneniska’s fleet consisted of 8 units.

New expansions started in 2003, when Janneniska’s first aerial platform began operations in Stockholm. This was the beginning of the internationalization of the company. Sweden became an important location along with Finland, and the connection was strengthened further in 2007. This was when Janneniska acquired a small swedish company, and the subsidiary NOFA Janneniska AB was born. With this acquisition Janneniska’s fleet was already 50 strong.

Janne and Joni noticed that in Sweden the company’s main strength was small truck-mounted aerial platforms that could be operated and driven with a B-class driver’s license. This was something they wanted to bring to Finland, and in 2013 they founded Janneniska Turku Oy, which specialized in small B-class aerial platforms. What was then a fleet of merely 10 units has now grown into a selection boasting over 100 aerial platforms that can be operated with a B-class license.

Wind beneath the wings

In 2004 Janneniska got a sizeable order from Germany. Via subcontracting, a unit reaching 70 meters was sent to Germany to perform local maintenance of wind turbines. At this time, nobody could predict that this would grow into a significant vertical in the corporation. What transpired was that Janneniska’s devoted planning and ways of working, technical expertise, top-quality equipment and comprehensive understanding of lifting jobs had jaws dropping around Europe. A broader interest of Janneniska was developing in the wind turbine industry.

The time between 2006 and 2010 was spent touring Europe and developing the expertise in wind turbine maintenance. This strengthened the feeling that this could be something where Janneniska has something to give. Janne wanted to put his efforts into the safe and efficient maintenance of wind turbines, and in 2011 the subsidiary JN Windpower Service, nowadays known as Bladefence, was born.

The only way is forward

The gloomy year of 2014 caught everyone by surprise when Janne Niska passed away unexpectedly on a February night. For Janne it was important to take care of the people around you, and this characteristic became apparent in the midst of this loss. Janne was prepared for the worst, and he left his entire wealth and company to his close colleagues. For the same week, the company had already announced and planned a recruitment event for 1 000 people, which had been advertised even in Helsingin Sanomat. The only way was forward, as Janne would have wanted.

Caring about people is a principle which has lived on in Janneniska from the early days of dreaming about the business in the sauna and the main interest was new skateboard tricks. In Janneniska the individual matters – this applies both to personnel and customer. Personnel wellbeing is something worth investing in, which builds devotion, good atmosphere and genuine interactions. And this is what has carried the entire business idea: you always take exceptional care of the customer. In each and every moment.


The two friends, Janne Niska and Joni Alasaari establish Janneniska Oy.

The first truck-mounted aerial platform is purchased: Bronto 40 2TI.
Dreams come true: Postipankki grants a loan of 5 million FIM. This enables the purchase of 4 truck-mounted aerial platforms. The current service operations begin.
Internationalization begins. The company expands its operations to the Stockholm area. Investment into a new 50 MDTer unit.
Growth continues. The fleet passes the milestone of 50 units.
Janneniska Turku Oy begins operations.
The darkest year of our company. The majority owner and founder Janne Niska passes away unexpectedly.
85 truck-mounted aerial platforms operating in Europe.
The fleet grows, 25 new JN27 units.

Expansion into Canadian markets.
Broad joint development operations.

The first JN17 Panelvans to Finland.
Co-development of JN23 with Dinolift, the first aerial platform requiring only B-class license in Finland.
Expansion into U.S. markets with 8 million euro investment, employment of 25 people in North America.

Extensive expansion of B-class fleet with new procurements: 10 JN23 units and 15 Versalift JN9 - JN17 units.
VERSALIFT™ unit retail and maintenance in Finland to Janneniska. Significant unit procurements.
Continuation of 2017 joint development. Sizeable investments into the B-class license fleet expansion as well as company processes and services.

In North America, large investments into fleet expansion and recruitment. Janneniska Group fleet size exceeds one hundred units.
Janneniska becomes official importer and retailer for RUTHMANN aerial platforms in Finland. Operations are expanded with spare part service for VERSALIFT and RUTHMANN units.

Janneniska opens new rental locations in Lahti, Lappeenranta and Tampere.

Work at Janneniska

A strong team spirit and mutual respect within the team have always been the description of the Janneniska work culture. We are experts in our field. Our work requires unconditional accountability, which is why we always take our tasks seriously and we stay on top of any situation. As people we are a social bunch, with a hunger to develop and grow. We want to see the world from the highest perspective possible. The customer isn’t just the one receiving our services. Rather, they are a part of us. We are all committed to our mutual goal: that our customers’ job is carried out smoothly and safely.

Fitness bonuses belong to us all

We want to ensure that our employees are healthy and fit. That’s why we created a fitness bonus system for our employees. Everyone of us has a chance to earn additional income with a healthy lifestyle and excercise.

Join our crew

Do you enjoy helping others? Are you excited to take responsibility and develop your skills? Do you want to rise high in your career?

We’re already waiting for you to get in touch. Usually we’re looking for maintenance engineers and salespeople. Even if we don’t have a suitable spot open for you right now, you can send an open application.

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