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Janne Niska and Joni Alasaari

Managing director

Ville Hanski

Janneniska Oy

Janneniska has enabled high-altitude working since 1996. We offer the Nordics’ leading personnel lifting services, enabling safe, easy and cost efficient lifting.

Our unique service concept guarantees that you’ll get just the right equipment for both small tasks and large projects.

We’re guided by a simple idea: taking care of the job and the person doing it. For us, safe lifting of people is unconditional. That’s why we’re in constant development and use state-of-the-art aerial platforms.

Our customers can always count on us providing personal guiding. We are here for the individual.

Our vision

We’re the uncompromising vanguard of the personnel lifting industry, known in the Nordics for our unique and committed service standards. We are creating the foundation of a healthy and safe future.

Our mission

We take care – of the job and the person doing it.