Janneniska reference case: Quick and efficient collaboration with LP Electric

In this article we present a case story, which combines challenging terrain, efficient planning and execution, and a satisfied customer. The worksite was four highrises under renovation, where melting cables were being installed in the eaves on the ninth floor. Despite the challenging terrain the work was completed in record time and with great results. The work was performed from start to finish with the easy-to-use, B-class license JN27 aerial platform. Read more below!

Good planning of lifting work guarantees the results

Janneniska and LP Electric Oy collaborated in a joint project where a site of four buildings under renovations in Turku had melting cables installed in 2018.

The melting cables, which prevent freezing damage, were to be installed in four buildings, in the eaves of the roof, and this meant that the aerial platforms needed to be moved between the buildings, in addition to the normal vertical movement of the boom. What made the work especially difficult was the surrounding sloping terrain, which was very hard to access with heavy units due to the narrow nature of the area.

Janneniska took care of preparation and safe operations

After LP Electric reached out, Janneniska’s expert surveyed the worksite and its challenges. In the same session, the surroundings and the capacity of the ground were mapped out, and these results guided the choice of unit. The unit best suited was Janneniska’s easy-to-use, B-class licensed JN27 aerial platform. JN27 was an ideal unit for this case a) thanks to its agility and light structure and b) its ease of use. As Janneniska took care of the preparations, the customer had time to properly execute and install the cables.

Before the actual installation, Janneniska’s expert visited on-site and educated LP Electric’s operators in the safe usage of the unit, ensuring the foundation of safe lifting. This way the customer was able to efficiently focus their own resources into the installation itself, without unnecessary interruptions or disturbances.

Satisfaction and cost savings as a result

From the first contact from the customer to the return of the unit to Janneniska, only a week had passed. Considering the scale of the project, four highrise buildings in hard-to-access terrain, the work was completed quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Janneniska’s experts handled all the planning and preparation tasks, which enabled LP Electric to install the melting cables within their set timeframe. The end result was a very satisfied customer, and the work also met LP Electric’s own standards: On time and with professionalism.

The efficient partnership spared both parties from additional overhead, and of course excess waste of time and money. Making the work easy and safe for the customer, as well as understanding the customer’s business is always our top priority. Thanks to our long experience and solid expertise we know that time is money on the worksite, and this is why every lifting work and task has to be done with high quality and efficiency in order to avoid added dead time or time spent solving surprising situations.

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