Our comprehensive service elevates your projects to a new level

From small tasks to large projets – we ensure your smooth operations.. We help you select suitable, safe and cost efficient solutions for your lifting jobs, we provide our insight and talent, and take care of all necessary maintenance. Our agile operations ensure the success of your projects.

The carefree and comprehensive service we provide enables you to free up resources for your own productive tasks.

Through our partner network you have access to aerial lift rental anywhere in Finland.

Lifting as a service is a turnkey solution

Working at high altitudes is more carefree when safety is properly ensured. When you’re looking to minimize your efforts while achieving the safest and most efficient lifting solutions, Janneniska’s unique Lifting as a service is the right choice for you.

We can move and lift almost anything: personnel and payloads, almost anywhere: low, high, and anything in between. We plan the work for you, and we take the full setup responsibility for the project lifespan.

The work is always tailored for your location and case. You’ll get the right aerial platform units when you need them. We offer this as a simple turnkey solution.

This is how you benefit from Janneniska's Lifting as a service

Comprehensive and tailored project

The project is planned according to your requirements. We are ever-present in various tasks during the project: planning, equipment transportation, safe execution, potential maintenance and quality assurance.

You get support in worksite planning

Janneniska’s experts carefully familiarize themselves with your site and take care of the worksite planning for you. We take responsibility for the entire project’s arrangements and manage the complete package for you.

We manage permit applications for you

We solve which permits are required for your site and apply for the official permits. We solve challenges related to the worksite’s load capacity and weight restrictions. If your project requires exceptional traffic control, we investigate removal request areas and execute traffic control according to the requirements.

Professional crews in project execution

Our professionals don’t just stand around, but rather help you achieve maximum efficiency at the site. Our internationally trained and certified (IPAF) personnel assist you in e.g. installation and construction jobs.

Free up your resources

We have a long and robust experience of our work. You can leave it to us and free up your own time and resources for your other tasks.

Janneniska is strongly connected to your project

Safety is the cornerstone of Janneniska, and with it comes exceptional cost efficiency. We provide our expertise, proffessional crews and aerial platforms for your whole project. We map out, plan and execute projects of all sizes with expertise. We have executed countless projects and continuously seek to develop.

By tailoring our flexible services to your genuine requirements we ensure that the entire project is carried out safely in a carefree and cost efficient way from start to finish. Contact our project sales team and let’s discuss how we can help!

Traffic control as a service

Focus on your own core competence and let us assist you with traffic control.

When your project requires street-level working, we at Janneniska investigate removal request areas and execute traffic control according to requirements. In the planning phase we cooperate with officials.

The safe movement of people is an unconditional requirement in all projects – no matter if big or small. Properly executed traffic control speeds up the project work, but moreover it ensures a safe work environment for crews, as well as safe movement and smooth traffic for other people.

We help your company out in both small and large scale temporary traffic control cases.

Janneniska’s traffic control service includes:

  • Traffic plan
  • Permit application process
  • Communication with city officials
  • Traffic control execution
  • Maintenance

Other services

Diamond core drilling

If your facade project requires diamond core drilling, Janneniska’s experts can assist you in these tasks as well.

You’ll save time and expenses as the professional aerial platform operator can handle the drilling tasks, meaning that you don’t need to hire a separate drill operator.

Additional services

Janneniska crews are used to swiftly handle any job.

Various services we provide:

  • Advertisement banner installations
  • Snow clearance jobs
  • Comprehensive aerial platform training

We help you in any and all high-elevation tasks.

Enabling cost predictability with long term partnership

For us, it’s important that your projects hit their targets within both time and budget constraints. We offer long term rental of our units, enabling you to plan your lifting projects well beforehand and efficiently predict the costs. Efficient work on-site is made easier by eliminating surprise costs, and the support of Janneniska’s 24/7 maintenance hotline ensures that you stay on schedule.

Our passion is to help you expand your business and gain a competitive edge through modern cutting-edge aerial platforms. At your disposal are aerial platform units sporting industry-leading emission classifications.

Satisfied customers since 1996

For us at Janneniska, the most important thing is our customer succeeding at their task. No matter the size of the project, with Janneniska’s aerial platforms and excellent service you’ll complete your work in an efficient and safe way.

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