4WD JN11, B-class driver’s license.


Hankalakulkuiset paikat ikoni- esim. epätasainen maasto & Puraradat
Hard-to-access locations
Ahtaat piha-alueet ja nostopaikat
Narrow yards and lifting locations
Kiinteistön huoltotyöt
Property maintenance


JN11 is an easy-to-use, 4WD, B-class license operated truck-mounted aerial platform enabling a 11 meter working height. It’s built on a sturdy Volkswagen Amarok chassis, which thanks to its 4WD is a perfect match for worksites located in rough terrain.

In JN11 the support is achieved by axle lock, and the unit has no outriggers. This enables the use of this unit in very cramped spaces. The basket has a 230V electrical outlet, and the inlet is located low in the chassis.

Technical specifications

Working height 11 m
Platform height 9 m
Max lateral outreach 5.1 m
Lifting capacity 120 / 200 kg
Boom rotation (+/-) 220°
Transport height 2.8 m
Transport length 6.11 m
Transport width 2.1 m
Basket size 1.2 x 0.7 m
Total weight 3 040 kg
Required driver’s license B
Power source (lift) Euro 5-diesel

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