Skylift S 34 MDT

Working cage

Working cage turning sector ~ 165 degrees. The maximum working cage load is 325 kg.

Electricity (230V/400V), water and air (max. 200 bar) are also available in the working cage. The electricity can be produced by the machines own 6,5 kW generator.

The working cage is also equipped with working light and radio. The control unit can be freely positioned anywhere in the working cage to achieve optimum space to work.


The driver operates the machine and assists the customer with the task. If needed, the driver can operate the machine also from the lower control center. In that case there is an intercom connection between the lower control center and the work cage.

One-sided driving

This enables stabilization of the machine by spreading only the stabilizers in the working area.

Electric use

The machine can also be driven with electricity only, to avoid noise and exhaust gases. For this reason the machine can safely and silently be used indoors.

Silent pack

The hoisting machine is driven by a separate engine, the Silent Pack, which is much more silent and reliable than the truck’s engine and produces much less emissions.