Health bonuses in Janneniska

Janneniska supports sports activities of its employees by offering bonuses that encourage healthy way of life. This bonus system enables all Janneniska’s employees to have considerable extra bonus to their salary.

  • no sick leave: 510€ per year
  • no smoking: 170€ per year
  • no alcohol: 170€ per year
  • completing one of the following sport competitions: 170€ per year
    (orienteering 25 km, marathon 42 km, rowing 50 km, cross-country skiing 60 km, cycling 120 km or triathlon 1500m/40km/10km)
  • pulling more chin-ups than the managing director: 170€
  • jogging (minimum of 5 kms): 1€ per km
  • commuter cycling (minimum of 10 km): 0,25 EUR/km
  • quitting smoking: 1000€