Maintenance services

We ensure carefree work and uncompromising reliability with our maintenance services. We serve you every day of the year, around the clock.

Janneniska maintenance

Maintenance services

Janneniska’s own maintenance service enables uncompromising reliability for your aerial platforms. If something were to happen, our 24/7 maintenance hotline is ready to help. We quickly arrive wherever your worksite is, and you’ll be able to continue working in no time.

Your Bronto Skylift aerial platform maintenance services

We’re specialized in the maintenance of Bronto Skylift units, and we also offer this to your own units. Among others, several fire and emergency services utilize our expertise.

We have a broad selection of typical spare parts, which enables us to perform maintenance on a swift schedule.

VERSALIFT™ maintenance

Janneniska is an official retailer and maintenance provider of VERSALIFT™ aerial platforms. You’ll get first-class maintenance services, ensuring smooth operations in your lifting tasks.

Our maintenance locations

Tuupakankuja 1, Vantaa

Tuotekatu 10, Raisio

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For us at Janneniska, the most important thing is our customer succeeding at their task. No matter the size of the project, with Janneniska’s aerial platforms and excellent service you’ll complete your work in an efficient and safe way.

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Problem and maintenance service 24/7 (rental units and VERSALIFT™)

Problem and maintenance service 24/7 (Bronto Skylift)