To new heights.


The largest contract-working truck-mounted aerial platform in the world. This beast guarantees the success of even the most challenging projects and worksites. This unit also features an optional basket-fixed hanging basket, enabling safe access to hard-to-reach objects. The basket can be fitted with a hydraulic winch, which enables lifting of 300 kg payloads. JN104 is a versatile tool for the high demands of your projects.

The operator controls the unit from the working basket and supports the customer in installation tasks. A professional operator knows what safe lifting of people means.

Janneniska JN104

Technical specifications

Working height 104 m
Platform height 101.5 m
Max lateral outreach 30.6 m
Lifting capacity 400 / 600 kg
Boom rotation 360°
Transport height 4.05 m
Transport length 16.5 m
Transport width 2.45 m
Support area 8 x 8.3 m
Max outrigger force 300 kN
Basket size 2.4 – 3.7 x 1.1 m
Total weight 62 000 kg
Power source (lift) Diesel / electricity